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Company Description

US Assure is a program administrator and insurance services provider with 35 years of experience in the property and casualty industry. Through the relationships we have established with multiple, leading commercial insurers, we are able to provide independent agents and brokers across the country access to top programs with no volume or premium commitment. Many of our employees hold decision-making authority and a large volume of transactions are processed in-house providing a quick turnaround on submissions and other policy-related activities. Register at to access these specialty programs today.

Programs & Coverages

Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich

US Assure offers nationwide access to the Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich. Our industry leading coverage and ease of doing business helps agents and brokers to better meet the needs of their construction customers. Rate, quote, issue, and manage policies through our online policy issuance system. Tailor coverage to meet the specifice needs of projects of any size and value.

Coverage for residential and commercial new construction, remodeling and installation projects of any size and value. Coverage options include:

  • Better Green
  • Unsold Dwelling
  • Theft of materials from the moment they’re delivered to the job site
  • Materials in-transit and at temporary locations
  • Materials that are installed or waiting to be installed
  • Coverage for losses due to ordinance or laws

Rate, quote, issue and manage policies online at!

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Available nationwide.

(800) 800 - 3907


Contractors Equipment

Our Contractors Equipment program underwritten by Zurich offers broad coverage for contractors’ equipment and tools. Items typically insured under a Contractors Equipment policy are:

  • Bulldozers
  • Power shovels
  • Loaders
  • Graders
  • Backhoes
  • Forklifts
  • Pavers
  • Cranes
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Other items of a mobile or portable nature

Contractors Equipment policies can be written for contractors, municipalities, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers or any other type of commercial risk owning mobile machinery and equipment. Covered equipment may be owned, rented, leased or borrowed from others.

Rate, quote, issue and manage Contractors Equipment policies over the Internet at in just a few simple steps 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call (800) 800 - 3907, option 1, to speak with a service representative.

(800) 800 - 3907

Vacant Structure Program

Looking for more ease of doing business? Now access a competitive Vacant Structure program with rate, quote, and policy issuance capabilities. Vacant residential dwellings and commercial buildings in all protection classes are eligible with Property limits up to $5 million and General Liability limits up to $1 million.
Other product highlights and features include:
  • Standard 12 month policy term, with short-term policies (3 and 6 months) available in many states
  • Basic form includes vandalism
  • Option to include theft on special form
  • Direct bill to your customers with optional credit card payments method
  • Available nationwide, with exception to AK and HI



Rental Dwellings

US Assure offers a rental dwellings product insured by a respected “A” rated carrier for customers with residential property exposures. Benefits include:

  • Insured by an “A” rated carrier
  • Admitted in most states
  • Streamlined underwriting
  • Rate and submit application online
  • Standard 12 month policy term, with short-term policies available
  • Policies can easily be converted if the occupancy of the property changes
  • Optional coverages include Loss of Rents, Theft, Back-up of Sewer and Drains, and Tenant Relocation and Additional Living Expenses
  • Wind coverage available in some coastal areas
  • Property and premises liability limits up to $1 million
  • Pro-rata cancellations offered after three months earned premium
  • Direct bill and premium installment payments available
  • Competitive compensation with no premium commitment required


  • Well-maintained one to four family unit dwellings (including their detached structures)
  • No owner occupancy - tenants only
  • 12 month lease
  • Continuous insurance coverage for the past three years


  • AL, AR, AZ, CA, CT, GA, IA, IN, IL, KY, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NV, OH, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA and WI

Heather Crews
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Commercial Builders Risk

From simple to complex, the range of risk on commercial construction projects varies widely along with the needs of your client. From the first delivery to a new construction jobsite to the demo on a renovation or planning for a major installation, all the way through final inspections and approval, having reliable coverage and service every step of the way to keep the project moving is critical. The US Assure Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich ensures commercial building projects are protected from start to finish.

The Builders Risk Plan is the nation’s leading commercial builders risk insurance program for construction professionals and owners. With flexible coverages and billing options, the Builders Risk Plan covers commercial projects of any size and value nationwide, including new construction, remodeling and installation. Our dedicated team of builders risk experts understand construction, many with an average tenure of more than 10 years in the industry, and they have authority to underwrite a wide array of projects, including educational and healthcare institutions, municipal buildings, agricultural facilities, water treatment plants, multi-story residential or office structures, stadiums and arenas, large scale installations, and much more.

Whether a project is under $10M or more than $50M, our Builders Risk Plan is designed to meet the varying needs of commercial construction clients with any volume of business and standard or complex projects.


The builders risk program covers a broad range of commercial construction insurance needs. The following are just a few of the valuable features offered.

  • Any project, any size and value
  • Direct access to our dedicated team of more than 50 builders risk underwriters and specialists via phone or email
  • Quick, reliable turnaround (1 – 3 days), including rush and quote indications
  • Higher commissions: 20% paid in all states, excluding Florida and any high-value frame projects
  • Ability to accommodate fee-based agencies with large accounts; pricing flexibility for fee-based brokers
  • Flexible policy terms, including extensions when required
  • Policy types include single structure, reporting form or blanket/deposit premium
  • Premium payment installment options available on most policies
  • Coverage options include earth movement, flood, ordinance and law, soft costs, business income and extra expense, and testing of building systems
  • Ability to write in all protection classes
  • Ability to increase additional coverage limits
  • Pro-rata cancellations
  • No co-insurance
  • Insured by Zurich
  • Risk engineering services available through Zurich
  • Fast, easy access with no premium commitment

Heather Crews
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