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Site Overview

Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) first introduced this online portal for agents and brokers in 2004 to assist retail intermediaries in locating specialty insurance markets. The Outlet Centers provide easy access to a broad spectrum of special insurance programs and allows you to quickly request a quote. Through the "request a quote/information" button, you can submit coverage documents directly to the program administrator, helping to expidite the placement process.

On Target Programs, agents and brokers have access to an array of tools to aid in finding a market:

  • Main Search - State of the art keyword search that uses predictable search to locate the best fit(s) for you client's risk (start typing and select the keyword to search)

  • Coverage Exchange - This feature is for agents or brokers seeking coverage for a hard-to-place risk or a very unique exposures not found through the site's search. New posts are distributed to Target Programs members for immediate review and potential placement.

  • Featured Programs - Located at the bottom of the home page, view the sponsored member agencies and click through to see their full listing on Target Programs

  • Product Updates - Learn about specialty programs available to you and your clients by receiving our (almost) daily program updates via email. Sign up today

To learn more or send a specific inquiry, please visit Contact Us.